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 The Annual Ornament Program

Have you ever wondered how simple it would be to start an annual ornament program for your fundraising needs?

Wonder no more!

We can help you start an Annual Ornament Program today at PEI.
Our designers will create an ormanent that is unique to your institution/organization so you immediately have a strong appeal to your donor base. 
Studies show that if you can engage the senses other than sight – like touch – then you can create a more powerful memory.  With an ornament program your story can be celebrated in a stunningly visual and tactile way that enables deeper connections by your donor base and volunteers year-in and year-out as a collectible.  If requested, we can also include a stand so that the ornament can become a keepsake to be displayed on a desk or mantle ... in essence serving two purposes ... which makes for great gifts, too! 
Please enjoy our short YouTube Video explaining how to get started with your very own annual ornament program.   
Your own custom ornament can come to life from just a simple .jpeg or .pdf file (note: we prefer Adobe Illustrator vector artwork).  More than one ornament program has started from a hand sketch of a building, animal, bird, statue and, of course, a logo!