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PEI Announces "Mini-Plaque" for Colleges & Universities

February 27, 2012

PEI (“Photofabrication Engineering Inc.”) Announces The “Mini-Plaque” To Assist Colleges And Universities In Building Reunion Class Participation

Milford, MA (PRWeb) September 27, 2011 -- Photofabrication Engineering, Inc. (“PEI”) launches new “mini-plaque” to facilitate class giving and boost participation rates with a trial at the MIT Sloan School of Management.

 PEI’s “mini-plaque” is “basically no larger than a business card, yet it contains the last names of all 250 classmates from the Sloan School of Management’s Class of 1991 etched in stainless steel”, explains Brook Spaulding, Director of Marketing for PEI and himself a graduate of the Class of 1991.  Adds Daniela Jacobson-Fried, Assistant Director of Reunion and Class Giving at the MIT Sloan School of Management, “no other class tried a recognition gift, but the class of 1991 set a participation record of 54% for its 20th anniversary which was a record in participation for all classes up to the 40th reunion and it set the 3rd highest participation record for all classes.”


Best practices suggest that an active class agent program, transparency on the use of raised funds, and maintaining strong connections with alumni post-graduation are the best means to achieve high alumni participation rates.  “Anecdotal evidence suggests that it is much easier for the giving committee to make their outreach calls when there is a small token of appreciation, but we also found that word-of-mouth tended to spread across classmates and even other classes when the recognition gift is “cool”, or particularly relevant to the class, as in the etched last names for the class of 1991,” says Spaulding. 


Leanne Schnitzer, Associate Director of Alummni Relations for the MIT Sloan School of Management, sees potiential opportunities as well for the first-year graduating classes as this is often their “first introduction to philanthropy and we find that classes that start strong will finish strong.” 


For more information about Photofabrication Engineering, Inc. (“PEI”) and the firm’s “mini-plaque” capabilities and for additional class participation ideas like class business card holders, please call PEI at 1-508-478-2025; or email; or see the short YouTube video.  One may also visit

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