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Religious Organizations


Whatever the holiday, anniversary or event, PEI can create a religious ornament or keepsake for your organization.   And we can keep building on previous years’ products and themes so you have a steady stream of gift or fundraising items.
The key to your success in recognizing volunteers or donors, or for fundraising among your members, is having an ornament or keepsake that will recognize their contributions and encourage them to continue their participation in your organization. Are you having an anniversary? Celebrating a holiday? Raising money for improvements to your building? Let PEI design a piece that your donors or volunteers will be pleased to receive in exchange for their donation or their efforts.
PEI has created thousands of intricate items in myriad materials and designs that are traditional in theme, but unique in form and style. Our products are manufactured from a wide variety of metals, including brass with a 24K gold finish, and can be packaged in several styles and colors of boxes with flocked inserts to emphasize the gold as well as some of the gorgeous colors that can be screened on. 
But why stop with the traditional holidays?   If you’re working on your facility, let us design a medallion, bookmark or ornament that shows what the building will look like after the renovation or addition.   Or a beautiful desktop business card holder for your corporate sponsors and their executives.   If you’re having an event to celebrate your organization’s anniversary, PEI can provide a keepsake for you to hand out that will long outlive the memory of the party. Of course, any and all of these items can be used for fundraising, too.
PEI has over 30 years’ experience in creating and crafting fine decorative pieces in a variety of metals and finishes for organizations like yours. We have developed three complete “soup to nuts” programs to help you achieve your goals, year after year.  Working with you, PEI will do any or all of the following:
• Help you identify your target market
• Develop a marketing plan to reach that target market using an etched ornament, bookmark, or other collectible item
• Create a unique piece that meets your budget and your specifications and conveys the message you want to deliver about your organization
• Create and mail a direct-mail piece to your target audience with your message clearly stated
• Fulfill the orders once you have received them
Contact us to discuss your goals and objectives for your marketing program.