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“Cause.”  “Grants.”  “Visitor’s Center.”  “Gift Shop.”  “Foundation.”  “Development.” 


Hospital work has never been more difficult … nor more rewarding.  Health care costs continue to escalate and endowments are under pressure from both capital preservation and historically low interest rates.   How does one stretch the $?


At PEI, a Massachusetts based company, we have programs to help hospitals generate revenue and recognize patrons, donors and volunteers without worry.  Our custom products are Made in the USA including:

• Bookmarks

• Jewelry Cuffs

• Mini-Plaques

• Ornaments

• Paper Weights

• Picture Frames


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Here’s What You Will Likely Hear

“At first I was skeptical but then I saw how PEI offered innovative products, too, including the mini-plaque which is no larger than a business card.  Wow!  I knew instantly that we could express critical historic milestones with the mini-plaque and therefore empower our Board and our hospital identity with a very cool, rapport-building hand-out.”

“PEI’s commemoratives and ornaments are made in America!  The PEI design team worked with me to create a collectible, museum-quality piece at a budget (and quantity) that we can afford!  Kudos to PEI.”