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“Community.”  “Give Back.”  “Board.”  “Volunteerism.”  “Opportunity.”  “Cause.”  “Passion.”

 Fundraising has never been more difficult … nor more rewarding.  Unfortuantely, as foundations, government and private citizens pull back in a troubled economy, our funding needs do not.  How do we recognize our volunteers?  Our donors?  The Board?  Too extravagant and we are perceived as taking away critical funds from the mission.  What are the best mediums to reach the millenials?  GenY?  Do we risk alienating our established donor base?
At PEI, a Massachusetts based company, we have programs to help you generate revenue worry free so that you can “put the fun back into fundraising!” We work with Executive Directors, Directors of Development, Alumini Affairs Officers and the Board to grow revenue and recognize volunteers & donors through custom:
• Bookmarks
• Jewelry Cuffs
• Mini-Plaques
• Ornaments
• Paper Weights
• Picture Frames
Here’s What You Will Likely Hear
“PEI’s commemoratives and ornaments are made in America! The PEI design team worked with me to create a collectible, museum-quality piece at a budget (and quantity) that we can afford! Kudos to PEI.”

“I enjoyed working with the folks at PEI … we turned our logo into a medallion for direct mail outreach; we then expanded the concept to a bookmark; PEI then went one step further and expanded the bookmark into a collectible ornament for sale on-line; and then we went still one step further for paper weights as Board gifts and speaker gifts! Of course, PEI also gave us some great files to use on our Facebook page and in our newsletters. Can’t wait to see what they do next year!