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Centennials & Anniversaries

“100th.”  “200th.”   “175th.”   “10th.”  “300th.”  
Ok, so two of the above numbers do not belong!  But we treat each anniversary as a special one. Nothing can help celebrate and commemorate a special event as well as PEI.
• Keepsakes like cuffs, place card settings, business card holders, paper weights, etc.
• Mini Plaques
• Ornaments
• Pagemarks
Popular motifs include buildings, logos, time lines, patents, and people.
Here’s What You Will Likely Say
“Our centennial crept up on us!  We thought that managing speaking events, galas and celebrating our heritage would be a nightmare until we met Doug Pyron of PEI. Doug helped us commemorate our 100th with both a page mark and an ornament featuring our building (the first-in-a-series no less!).  We even created a low cost “mini plaque” to showcase the key events in our institution’s history!  We had a special keepsake for all our constituents at a budget that worked!”