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Direct Mail

“Acquisition Mailing.” “Above the Fold.” “Affinity Mailing.”  "Automation Compatible Mail."  "Bind In."  "Blow In."  "Call to Action."  "Cost per Piece.” “Cross Sell.” “Data Mining.” “Freemium.” “Front End Premium.” “Incentives.”  “Involvement Device.” “Lapsed Donors." “Open Rate.”  “Package Insert.” “Premium.” “Prospecting.” “QR Codes.” “Response Rate.” “Retention.” “RFM – Recency, Frequency & Monetary Value.”  “ROI.” “Rollout.” “Segmentation.” “Split Test.” “Tip On.” “Lifetime Value.”


Designed to lay flat in outbound mail, but then "spin out" into a 3D ornament or keepsake upon receipt.  Traditional shape is a tree with your logo at the center, but other shapes possible from angels to wreathes and even airplanes!  Yes, PEI has made a spinner airplane!


Here’s What You Will Likely Say
“Traditionally we enjoy sending address labels and gift cards as an outreach to our donors. PEI suggested including a small keepsake that spins into an ornament.  The additional weight was negligible and it certainly boosted the perceived value of our package! Responses up and average dollar value per response up as well!”
“Our mail house was skeptical at first, but sure enough the little envelopes that held the PEI mini medallion were machine insertable and the USPS had no problem with thickness or flexibility of the insert!”
“We tested 10,000 mini-ornaments as a freemium for our annual 250,000 piece fall mailing, but, guess what, we did not anticipate that the QR codes and teaser copy would help drive two sell-outs of the larger full size ornament which came in an elegant 5” x 5” foil stamped box with a romance card! We are thrilled with the ROI and the new found visibility for other items in our on-line catalog!”
“Everyone talks about the Lifetime Value of the Donor, but few companies have products that fit the entire value chain and life cycle of the donor and volunteer as well as PEI does – extra plus is that they are a US company.”
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See our short YouTube Video above on direct mail fundraising with premiums & freemiums.  We understand direct mail and the importance of running a multi-channel campaign. 
Including a PEI insert (be it a mini medallion, a spinner, a pagemark or a bookmark) helps boost response rates while “Made in USA” etched on the back of the keepsake helps reinforce your brand.  Try us against your control … you will love the results whether you are a non-profit or for profit mailer!  Quick turn times also a reality!

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