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Catalog & Magazine

“ROI.”  “Renewals.”  “Cross Sell.” “Up Sell.”

We understand the challenges of a multimedia world. And we respond.  Nothing can help stimulate sales as well as tipped in freemiums or samples. Dimensional mail and inserts work for catalogs and magazines.
Consider bringing your catalog or magazine to life with light weight:
• Keepsakes
• Ornaments
• Pagemarks
Here’s What You Will Likely Say
“Our physical catalog (magazine) remains the best way to reach our demographic. Yes, we drive readers to on-line options and even bricks & mortar stores, but nothing worked as well to boost response as the test mailing wherein we inserted 50,000 premiums/freemiums from PEI versus our control. Thin, light weight and flexible. What a lift in response! We lowered our total acquisition costs and built some positive word-of-mouth based on our end-user’s Facebook and Twitter responses.  PEI made it happen for us!”