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Corporate Gifts & Recognition

“Recognition."  “Cold Calls.” “Meet & Greet.” “Anniversary.” “Board Members.”  "Retirees."  "Elevator Pitch."  "Public Relations."  "Conferences."

We understand the challenges of today’s corporate world to maximize returns to shareholders while embracing the diversity of opinions expressed by key stake holders.  PEI itself has received numerous accolades in Massachusetts for its commitment to sustainability and the environment.

When it comes to working both small and large corporations it certainly helps to be 100% made in the USA with quick turn times.
PEI has a suite of corporate gifts and recognition products all made in the USA to:
• help sales executives and the C level suite build rapport by using metal business cards
• celebrate anniversaries with ornaments and year-round commemoratives
• provide unique tombstones to investors, retirees, visitors and other key stake holders*
• offer corporate history as a simple time line expressed in a mini plaque
Here’s What You Will Likely Say
“The simplest thing I ever did was send a .jpeg file to Doug Pyron at PEI and ‘presto’ I got back a PDF proof of a compelling paper weight for our 20th Anniversary. Yes, we will save money by using the basic mini plaque as hand-outs like business cards but for key stakeholders, like the Board, we needed something extra special. The Lucite encased paper weight does the trick. In fact, marketing is asking if they can send a few out to our top customers as ‘thank yous’. OK, they are asking for more than a few but for the price we paid why not!”
“Maybe some companies like t-shirts and mugs, but we love PEI’s product tombstones! We actually got the idea from PEI themselves! They sent us a component part, which their Precision Division manufactures, encased as a paper weight and our sales and marketing folks went wild!”
“Our sales guys and gals used to have a hard time opening new doors on the road. Even at trade shows and networking events they appeared to be in slow motion. Tell you what … I got them each 250 metal business cards from PEI and the doors are flying opening. Talk about a rapport builder – they scream “cool” -- and more than one former prospect now turned customer has asked how to get their own!”
*Employee Recognition Revisited
Your employees are your company’s most valuable asset.  They are your internal brand ambassadors.  You’ve trained them, invested in them, and they know your business.  They are on Twitter, Facebook and maybe even attend your trade shows.  But do they really know how much their contributions mean to you?
Acknowledging your employees’ efforts – whether it’s a sales award, a longevity award, or a simple “thank you” for a job well done – can mean the difference between long term success and failure for your company.
Let PEI help you recognize your valuable employees with a beautiful and unique gift program.  Whether you have an annual awards ceremony, a company Holiday party, or just celebrate victories one-on-one with the employees, give them something that will remind them of you and your company and thereby further encourage their 24/7 loyalty.
Ornaments and keepsakes are an excellent way to generate appreciation.  For over 30 years, PEI has been creating and crafting fine decorative pieces in a variety of metals and finishes for corporations like yours. Our complete “soup to nuts” program will let you recognize your valuable employees with a minimum of effort. PEI will:
• Help you identify your “targets” – by longevity, department, goal etc.
• Explain price points and value proposition for etched ornaments and collectibles.
• Create a unique piece that meets your budget and your specifications.
• Design and fabricate the ancillary collateral packaging to accompany the gift.
Contact PEI to discuss your employee recognition strategies and goals.