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Alumni Associations


As the head of your school’s alumni association, you are probably searching for new and different ways to attract more alumni to your organization. If you’re looking for a unique gift to interest alumni in your association, PEI can help you.
You already have a list of alumni. But when you compare it against your member list, how far have you actually penetrated this target market? First and foremost, you have to attract
members. How? By creating awareness of your organization and its mission, certainly. But many people look for something a little “extra” when they join, something that conveys the relationship between your school and your organization. That “extra” could be a beautiful ornamental piece from PEI. By
inviting alumni to join your association, and offering them a free gift to do so, you are creating a bond that can be strengthened in the upcoming years. You could also give a keepsake to attendees at your alumni functions, which will help extend awareness of your organization to the attendees.
Your alumni are the most valuable asset for you and your school. They are aware of your mission, already have an emotional attachment to the school, and will continue to support it – If you can find a mechanism to attract their continued support. Ornaments or keepsakes are an excellent way to do this. A high-quality piece will keep your name in front of your members. 
For over 40 years, PEI has been creating and crafting fine decorative pieces in a variety of metals and finishes for organizations like yours. We have developed complete “soup to nuts” programs that will allow you to reach your membership goals. PEI will do any or all of the following to ensure the success of your program:
• Help you identify your target market (All alumni? Alumni celebrating an anniversary year?)
• Develop a marketing plan to reach that target market using an etched ornament, bookmark, or other collectible item.
• Create a unique piece that meets your budget and your specifications, conveys the message you want about your organization, and attracts new members.
• Create an advertising piece (direct mail, display advertisement, web ad, etc.) for your target audience with your goals and message clearly stated.
• Fulfill the orders once you have received them.
If you have in-house capabilities to do any of these steps, that’s fine – we can do just the ornament creation and fulfillment, or any other piece of this plan.
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