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Chambers of Commerce

 “Non Partisan.” “Networking.” “Small Business” “Made in USA”

Chambers of Commerce seek US made products to help interface with their membership and their stakeholders. Nothing suits that need better than PEI products. Consider:
• Keepsakes like bookmark, place card settings, business card holders, paper weights, etc.
• Mini Plaques
• Pagemarks
Here’s What You Will Likely Say
“Our members are focused on creating jobs and generating business opportunities.  It is imperative that any token of appreciation to existing members or solicitation for new members be low cost, unique and definitely made in the USA.  We are constantly sponsoring speaker and networking events so having PEI available for quick turn keepsakes and commemoratives is extra fortuitous.  No quantity too small [250 minimum pieces] helps, too.  Monique [Potter] is always quick with a concept or suggestion on ways to improve our outreach.”