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Getting Started

Steps In Designing An Ornament

Often, many clients ask “How do I get started designing an ornament?”  The process is actually quick and easy.  Our design staff can guide you through the steps needed to produce a superior and unique design for your organization. Here’s a quick example of the typical design process.
In this case, the customer supplied us with reference material as shown on the left. Whatever you have - color and/or black and white photos, Adobe Illustrator vector artwork, napkin sketches, or a concept you can’t quite put into words - can be used in the creation of your collectible ornament design.
Upon receipt of your artwork and request, our creative department will contact you to discuss your goals and options with your design request to incorporate them into a color illustration as shown here, to give you an idea of what the ornament will look like after manufacturing. All designs are re-drawn and created from your art, or, created from scratch to adapt it to our production requirements. Usually, these illustrations will be sent to you electronically for the design approval within a matter of days for your approval. Any required revisions can be easily accomplished at this stage.  A new revised illustration will then be sent to you for a final approval.
We can tailor your ornament design to your budget as well. If you have a
specific price point in mind, just let us know at the time of the design request.
After your approval of the design, and quote, we start the production process for you. Our first step is to produce a photo tool, which optimizes the available area on the metal sheet, and produces multiple ornaments at the same time. A first piece is produced to insure quality and manufacturing standards. While the actual piece is being manufactured, we have already begun producing your packaging, literature cards, and any other component which makes up your ornament, collectible, or bookmark.  An actual photo of the finished ornament is shown here on the left.
The complete process typically takes six to eight weeks from inception to finished product delivered to your door. Please note that lead times may vary throughout the year, so be sure to get started early to ensure you have your product for your target date.  Contact us with any questions or click here to get started now with a Request for Quote.